Greylisting and Greytrapping

Output from mail.hafey.org of the spamd database for grey (retrying) and trapped (blacklisted) ip/email addresses.
SPAMTRAP addresses are removed to stop the potential to maliciously blacklist a valid ip address.
This output only shows sender email addresses.
Recipient addresses are removed for privacy reasons and to stop spam harvesters learning addresses from this web page.
See the spamdb manual for more info on this output
See this for generic info on Greylisting
See this for OpenBSD info on Greylisting
See this for OpenBSD info on Greytrapping
Localtime is: 
Tue Apr 23 15:51:40 EST 2019

Status	IP address	Retries	GREYLISTED until		Sender Address

GREY	1	Thu Mar 28 21:46:32 EST 2019	customercare@maersk.com
GREY	1	Thu Mar 28 23:02:55 EST 2019	Mael-Lacaze@ahcrea.com
GREY	1	Thu Mar 28 21:25:17 EST 2019	notification@facebookmail.com
GREY	2	Fri Mar 29 00:19:59 EST 2019	lisa@hafey.org