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NOC, NOC - this page is a continual work in progress: e.g.

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Email Greylisting and Greytrapping status

Updated 21/07/1999 - added traceroute, ping and uptime
Updated 18/09/2002 - added dig, env
Updated 5/07/2003 - removed uptime
Updated 5/09/2003 - added dig for MX records
Updated 2/09/2004 - updated logic to allow "-" in hostnames
Updated 14/01/2006 - added Grey[listing|trapping] status
Updated 10/03/2006 - changed trace to not increment the destination port number in successive UDP packets.
     Default was causing some poorly written firewalls to report a UDP port scan and drop the trace.
Updated 10/03/2006 - UK site (now removed)
Updated 13/03/2006 - Fixed a bug in the Grey[listing|trapping] status where the full list wasn't being displayed.
Updated 18/10/2006 - added dig with trace enabled
Updated 26/09/2008 - UK site removed, many DNS updates and other config changes
Updated 01/10/2011 - added IPv6 ping and traceroute pages
Updated 27/10/2011 - www6.hafey.org for native IPv6 access
Updated 06/01/2014 - disabled POP3
Updated 12/04/2016 - removed custom CGI scripts for trace/ping, using bgplg instead
Updated 12/04/2016 - removed DNS commands
Updated 12/10/2016 - added DNS command
Updated 12/03/2017 - Site discontinued, tools will be maintained
Updated 03/05/2017 - Removed IPv6 tools, will be re-added when ready